About Us

Mission of ANNAI

Providing “soul touching quality” to customers, while preserving the oceans gifts for the next generation.

Vision of Annai

Annai believes in transparency, honesty and trust-based value system. We never compromise in quality. We focus on increasing customer satisfaction by providing them the finest quality products.

The people here in Annai are the pillars of the business, we have energetic work force which is full of innovative ideas , ready to take on challenges and adaptive to the rapid changes in the industry.

Annai mostly works directly with fishermen’s for the raw material, in this way we have ensure fishermen to earn higher value for their daily catch. we have 78 seafood collection centers in North and East side of Srilanka, which helps to control entire supply chain throughout the region. Annai have empowered local fishermen to carry their routine livelihood in a secure and peaceful environment for past 30+ years.

As a seafood company the ocean made Annai as it is today. So, it’s our responsibility to safe guard its resources for the next generations. Annai focuses on being sustainable from harvesting to delivering our products to the customers.

“with Soul touching products, energetic work force, strongly build supplier chain and environment sustainability in mind Annai wants to be the group of companies which satisfy their stakeholders expectation in profitability and market leader in aqua farming, local and international seafood trade from Northern part of Srilanka.”


  • Safe guarding oceans resources.
  • Supporting sustainability from the start to the very end of our process.
  • Capturing more market share in the international market.
  • Providing stake holders secure business benefits.
  • Increasing local consumption, it will significantly contribute to firm finance at the same time it will bring benefit to the social and customer health.
  • Increasing efficiency and maintaining proper resource management.

Our Exports