Black Tiger Prawns

Black Tiger Prawns

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Scientific name : Penaeus monodon

                                                      “RARENESS MAKES IT MOST POPULAR CHOICE”

Commonly known as Sea Black Tiger Prawns, mostly caught in the north and north east costal area of srilanka. they are easy to cook because of their thick shell, our 100% natural premium sea black tiger tastes great in prawns cocktails, with pasta and as bbq’s.

Freezing Method:  Block Frozen / IQF

Country of Origin:  Sri Lanka

Catch Method: Wild / Farmed

HOSO SIZES : U4-6, U6-8, U8-12, U13-15, U16-20, U26-30

HLSO SIZES: U8-12, U13-15, U16-20, U21-25,U 26-30, U31-40, U41-50, U51-60, U60-70

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