Flowery Prawns

Flowery Prawns

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Scientific name : Penaeus semisulcatus

“Wild-caught flower prawns are popular among chefs for its texture and sweet taste”

Hugely popular in South East Asia for their delicate sweet flavor  From Head On to Headless to PD to PUD, we are the premier supplier of this in-demand seafood product which is available in a choice of sizes and packaging options to suit your business needs. The marine fishing grounds in the Jaffna lagoon and the brackish water resources are more favorable for flower shrimp.

Freezing Method:  Block Frozen / IQF

Country of Origin:  Sri Lanka

Catch Method: Wild

HOSO SIZES: U11/15, U16/20, U21/25, U26/30, U31/35, U 36/40 

HLSO/PDTO SIZES:  U16-20, U21-25, U26-30, U31-40,U 41-50, U51-60, U60-70, U 71-90


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